For many years Jean Pierre De Neef was considered to be one of the leading photographic developers of artistic pictures on paper (Cibachrome) in Belgium. This attracted many European artists who wished to take advantage of his mastery of the process, and his expertise, and to work with him.

More recently, thanks to technological advances in digital photography, Jean Pierre has taken the plunge and become a photographer in his own right.

Combining highly specialised professional software and pictures taken in accordance with strict rules, he has developed panoramic photos, sometimes up to 4 metres long. The results in terms of their finesse, precision and perfection in detail, are simply stunning.

Focusing his lens on Brussels, Rome, Paris, London, New York, Miami or Ibiza, Jean Pierre De Neef has gradually developed a style which is very appealing to people wishing to hang panoramic photos on their walls as windows to a distant horizon.